Smart Home Technology

Why does Smart Home Technology have its own category? Well there is so much more that can be done that was not already listed. Garage Doors, Water Shut-Off Valves, Leak Detection, and Email Notifications, are some of the most popular items.



Garage Doors

Why would you want to automate your garage doors? The answer is piece of mind and convenience. Do you ever worry that you left and did not close the garage, now you can know even thousands of miles away. What if your neighbor needs to borrow your pressure washer, just a button press and they can retreive it from your garage.


Leak Sensors and Shut off Valves

Can you imagine having a pipe burst and cause thousands of dollars of damage? Leak sensors can alert you when it first starts. Placing leak sensors at your dish washer,  washing machine and under sinks and water heaters can alert you when a leak occurs. Taking it to the next level you can have an automated shut-off valve on the main water line. This will truely help to minimize damage.


Email Alerts

Get notifications from your system for all the events you need to know about. Get an alert every time your house cleaner code or contractor code is used.  Find out when your door lock batteries are getting low. We can tailor alerts to your unique needs.