Home Network

If the control platform is the brains of your smart home, the network would be the heart of your system.  The network is the most critical aspect of homes today, don't depend on a rented router to serve the needs of your home.




Replacing your leased cable modem with one you purchase not only will save you money but provide a more stable system.



Your router is the traffic cop of the system it tells all your network traffic where it needs to go. With more and more devices on a home network having a robust router is a necessity for most homes.



Network Switches allow all of your devices to be hard wired together. They come in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Some provide power to touchscreens, access points and cameras via PoE.



Wireless access points are the pathway for your phones, laptops and other WiFi devices to connect to the system. Most houses need several access points to give the best performance, we offer many solutions that provide a seamless hand off between access points.