Home Control

What is better than being in Control? The control platform is the brains of your smart home automation system. Smart Phones, touch screens, handheld remotes, keypads and voice are all ways to take control of your home. Northwest Home Automation specializes in Control4 as total home solution but can offer many different options depending on your needs.



App Based Control

Phone Apps are the main avenue of control for many different systems. Many offer control at home or away. Control4 gives you an easy way to manage all your sub systems, but some apps like your camera app may give you some more features for just that product


Hand Held Remotes

Hand held universal remotes still are the best choice for your theater or family room systems. The hand held remotes can combine multiple remotes into a simple to use single remote. many can still give you control over other items like HVAC and lighting



Touchscreens are very useful in main locations of the home like the kitchen or master bedroom. Touchscreens provide a dedicated way of controlling your entire system without searching for your phone or remote. Touchscreens can also offer additional features like intercom between rooms.


Voice Control

The power of voice control is the next frontier of automation. Lighting, and Music are just the start of  where voice control will take us.

What if your home could make your life more convenient from the moment you walk in the door? "Alexa, turn on Welcome." "Okay." With Control4 home automation and Amazon Alexa, control your entire home with just your voice. "Alexa, turn on Cooking."